City of Vancouver

The City of Vancouver’s journey towards adopting the use of electronic signatures began in August 2014 with a handful of DocuSign licenses and a vision to transform the approval and workflow processes associated with the legal signing of documents. An important consideration that took some time was providing the legal authority under city ordinance to give elected officials, administration, and staff the authority to use electronic signatures to conduct city business.

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Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board

In November of 2012 the voters of the State of Washington approved initiative 502 to legalize growing and selling cannabis for recreational use. The Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) was given the job of managing the expected onslaught of applications. WSLCB had to have a system for accepting and managing applications that could be implemented quickly with minimal risk.

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Everett Community College

Student services provides the entire spectrum of application, financial aid, housing, transcript requests, and many other transactionally oriented forms used to collect process information. Everett Community College has greatly improved the process for students and reduced the processing time associated with document handling and key data entry.

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