Medical cannabis patient registry

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AIRLIFT, from cloudPWR, is a HIPAA-compliant statewide cannabis patient and provider registry. The hosted web application supports the creation of patient authorizations and secure identification cards, and integrates with third party data sources and API’s.

Through AIRLIFT, healthcare professionals have secure data access and are verified by the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency as licensed to authorize the use of controlled substances. The system may also be used by other state agencies as part of licensure, enforcement and regulation activities.

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Key Features Include:

  • Generate new patient authorization complete with patient and provider information, patient qualifying condition and recommended cannabis product and quantity
  • Associate a care provider to a patient
  • Search by existing patient authorization, minor patient or designated provider
  • Capture and include patient photo
  • Generate cannabis medical ID card
  • Cannabis retail store patient management, including patient verification, allowed purchase amount and provider verification